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The Automation Conundrum

Anyone in the automation and instrumentation industry knows exactly what they do and what their industry segment is all about. However, with that said, those outside the industry have very little understanding of what exactly it is we do.  Yes, some will say, “OK, you automate things with robots".  You think, "Well, Sort of".
One of the big reasons for the mystery surrounding the Automation field is that in general most folks don't know how things are made.  For example, “How is paper made?”  Well, you start by cutting down a tree and then mash it up.  Well, that’s a start, but then that piece of paper would probably cost 'four bucks' a sheet.  Automation ensures that the piece of paper only costs fractions of a penny.  Instrumentation and automation also helps ensure that the environmental impact resulting from making millions of sheets of paper is minimal to none.  Instrumentation and automation equipment enables factories to make quality products efficiently and inexpensively.  It removes workers from dangerous situations and protects communities and their inhabitants by monitoring industrial processes and ensuring the safe processing and delivery of products and services.  The best definition of Instrumentation & Automation is this: Instrumentation comprises all the equipment that measures and controls continuous processes.  Automation systems are the computers and software that intelligently integrate the instrumentation into one contiguous system, efficiently and safely.   The next time you have an opportunity to see something being made or processed, seize the opportunity.  Chances are good you will see Instrumentation and Automation systems at work.