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IVy Automation LLC, is physically located in the State of Washington
Mail: P.O. Box 1893, Ferndale, WA, 98248
T: (206) 395 FLOW (3569) or E/M:  info@ivyautomation.com

Automation Software Products...
IVy excels at working with small enterprises with limited resources that want to automate.  This does not mean that we cut corners.  The job must be accomplished on time and within budget however it must also be done right the first time and be safe!!   We make technology easy.  From start to finish IVy can help  successfully implement your automation project. 
IVy considers each application as a system operating with in the context of an overall system in an industrial environment.  Whether it be a single pressure transmitter or network of flow flow monitoring stations.   Each transmitter is connected to something.  The system's overall performance is always a sum total of the individual components that worked together to procure and install the equipment.  A reputation depends on the meter working.  The purchasing & receiving departments ensure the correct procurement and delivery of the product(s) to the application site.  The personnel involved in using and maintaining the equipment may need training.  Documentation must be precise, concise and understandable.  Senior management may rely on the information gathered by this equipment.

HMI/SCADA... (Click to see Examples)
HMI/SCADA can be the bane of mechanical hardware oriented enterprises.  This can be the tough stuff folks!  Often it is the 'guy' who offers the complete package that gets the order.  IVy Automation  has the professionalism, experience and know-how to work with your organization to seamlessly integrate automation systems into your application.  This includes training and educating your team from the sale to the delivery!