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The Law of the Conservation of Energy...
...states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.   To date, the inefficiencies of machines were tolerated as unavoidable waste and ignored.  However in this energy hungry new century, an awareness has seized scientists. No longer does anyone have the luxury to waste energy.  All facets of energy consumption, usage and waste, are being examined.  One of the newest and most interesting fields of this endeavour is energy harvesting.  Wherever there is a difference in a state of being there is useful energy.  Sources like motion, altitude, pressure, light, temperature change, rotation and vibration.  The EnOcean Alliance is a collection of manufacturers that develop energy harvesting sensors that use EnOcean technology to transmit sensor data for control and acquisition purposes.  One very promising source is the use of the  natural vibration of the world around us.  Conductors passing through minute changing magnetic fields caused by magnets vibrating (wobbling) on cantilevers are the basic principle of Vibration Energy Harvesting.  The resultant generated electricity (see Faraday's Law of electro-magnetic Induction) could permit sensors to be placed in environments or locations inaccessible to battery operation.
A team from the University of Southampton has made possible the planting of such a device in environments that preclude having any electrical connection to the outside world. Sensors in inaccessible places can now generate their own power and transmit data to outside receivers.
Applications includes: Implants in heart muscles can use the heart's movement to generate sufficient voltage to act as pacemaker, doing away with the necessity for regular battery replacements. Sensors placed in remote parts of a space shuttle or airliner can transmit data to a central receiver, such as a black box, even in the event of a total power failure. The pressure and temperature of wheels on a trailer could be monitored by placing sensors on the inside of the tyre. Factories producing any type of merchandise will benefit from being able to place maintenance-free sensors at all critical points.
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