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Array (Shanghai) Ltd.
The premier product of the Atrray Instrument company is the RA-PLC Super Relay.  This stand alone product can accept up to 8 analog inputs and 24 Digital inputs.  Function block programming gives the instrument tremendous flexibility to perform many sophisticated control tasks.  The graphical programming software allows the user to simulate the application (and watch it run!) prior to the equipment's installation in the field.  Powered by 12 -24VDC this unit can be field mounted and operated by battery or solar/battery power.  Excellent applications include standalone SCADA and remote monitoring stations.

The A210 is a portable wireless PA system.  Audio inputs can be received from a handheld microphone, a lapel mounted microphone or a belt mounted headset microphone.  The range is 200feet (67M) and the battery life is about 4-5 hours.  This is the perfect solution for everything from assisting elderly Aunt Doreen be involved and hear at family gatherings to addressing impromptu town hall meetings at the local Lyons Club.

ATG300 Series
The ATG300 is a mutlichannel tour guide system optimally suited for factory training or gallery tours where excessive ambient noise or group tour announcements would respectively make normal narration impossible or unacceptable given the circumstances.  The AGT300 has 3  ISM channels available so that up to three different tour groups can be in the same area without cross-talk or interference.