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Alia's entry into the Insertion Style Electro-magnetic flow meter market.  This probe style meter working on Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic induction can be hot tapped into an active pipe of almost any size at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and installing a full bore magmeter. Click for Data Sheet!
AMC2100E Electro-Magnetic Flowmeter w/ Thermal Heat Calculation
.Alia is proud to introduce an electro-magnetic flow meter transmittertha tincorporates two RTD temperature sensors for measuring temperature differentials on a flow stream to allow realtime BTU calculations.Click for Data Sheet!
PRS-50 Precision Reference Standard
IVy Automation is pleased to introduce the Basic Reference Standard (BRS-50) and the Precision Reference Standard (PRS-50) for visually confirming the operation of Ultra Sonic Transducers for the Alia AUF600 Series of Portable Ultra Sonic Flowmeters. The PRS family ss small enough to easily  carry in the field for on-site confirmation of Ultra Sonic transducer operation.  It also finds use on the bench for training and checking system operation.  Follow the LINK below for more information.
AMC2100 w/Internal Batch Controller
Alia is proud to introduce an electro-magnetic flow meter transmitter with an integral count down - count up batch controller.  The AMC2100 provide this capability at no extra cost to the customer.  Follow the LINK  for more information.

IVy is writing & producing a series of non-partisan, informational videos on different types of flow technologies to be seen on the Educational Site of YouTube.  Follow the LINK to our productions!   OR Contact IVy to request your own DVD
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